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How can coaching support this journey.

Coaching can help individuals look at the complexities of their lives and guide them to find their own unique path and goals that already are within them. Coaching helps to move past the struggles and blocks that are holding them back from their authentic selves and desires. Coaches hold the container to allow clients to move through a crisis or block to the place they are striving to reach.  This is the threshold where they can start to bring their goals into fruition.  It will enable them to work from a  grounded place instead of reacting to every situation that arises. Through coaching, a client develops a deeper confidence and feels empowered to make the right steps needed for themselves and their families. All the above comes into play in coaching families who have dyslexia, while incorporating the complexities of learning differences. 

For parents the coaching session is a safe place to learn and uncover who their child is and how their dyslexia presents itself both in strengths and challenges.  The goal is to gain insight into the best ways to support their child and how to advocate for them.  Learning differences effect the entire family system. It is important to be able to acknowledge this and to find the systems and structures that will best support and honor the family.  No one can prescribe what this looks like from the outside, each family has their own blueprint.  Through coaching they will discover ways to move from a place of being overwhelmed to a nurturing system where each individual is moving toward their own goals, along with honoring the needs of the family.

As a coach, working with families with dyslexia, and other neurodiverse learning styles, it is important to understand these complexities. The field of knowledge is always expanding, making it important to keep evolving with the new insights while learning the profiles. From this knowledge based mindset coaching is a supportive guide in helping individuals and families to thrive.

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