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Holistic Approach to Life and Coaching

How my own neurodiversity and physical health lead me to coaching from Holistic view. ( To uncover deeper aspects of being, to find your core beliefs and move toward healing)

Being neurodiverse allows me to dive below the surface. Neurodiversity brings the capacity to perceive what are the undercurrents that are driving one’s life, especially where there is disruption and even trauma. To uncover deeper aspects of one’s being, to move toward healing and wholeness. By being dyslexic I perceive the world in an out of the box view, navigating the challenges associated with society’s expectations of fitting into neurotypical systems.

As a teenager these pressures at times were all encompassing, leading to an autoimmune disease, depression, and confusion of who I was. Something you gain from struggling in the neurotypical world is grit, resilience, and a strong work ethic to never give up. What became important to me was uncovering ways to heal and live a more balanced life. As with many neurodiverse individuals I am a seeker of knowledge and understanding. It was important to discover and work on ways to heal myself, to be an example and knowledgebase for others.

Over 30 years ago, I sought out alternative ways of healing; from acupuncture, kinesiology, meditation, herbal medicine, nutrition, ancestral healing, massage, Reiki, the tarot, Myers Briggs, conscious forgiveness, along with many other forms of selfcare. Through my own healing, using this multifaceted approach, I saw the need to share this knowledge with others.

To have a full and meaningful life, it is crucial to understand ourselves, to go down through the layers of our being and not remain at the surface repeating the patterns that seem to go nowhere. When we delve into these deeper layers, lasting progress takes place. The individual begins or improves on living from a holistic point of view. Releasing old wounds, learning to encompass and adopt healing methods to move into a healthier and liberating space.

Holistic Coaching is a significant addition to these healing modalities. It allows you to co-create in a framework of what is happening now and evolve into next steps. This is where we map out the actions to move in the direction you seek. Coaching creates the environment to keep you accountable to live from a holistic center and a commitment to your goals. You will discover your new wellness story that aligns with your greatest values and needs.

Reach out to me to start your new wellness story today.

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