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My Story

I have been on the learning-difference journey my entire life, working with all the challenges and gifts it brings. As a child reading was extremely challenging. Words floated and moved all over the page. It was exhausting. Most adults could not understand what that was like for me. Growing up with learning differences seems to have two significant impacts on individuals lives: First, standard education is much harder than for someone who is neurotypical. Second, this causes one to wrestle with feelings of being stupid even if they are intelligent and extremely successful. These emotions come from having to do things different than the norm, the so called “right way.” You get the message repeatedly, “You are stupid.” The dominant cultural  mindset is a constant battle for most neurodiverse learners. The consequences from this are huge, branching into many potentially damaging directions. 

This is where I have become determined to support, advocate and empower students in the neurodiverse community and the families that love them. I have supported the underdog my entire life. When my child was diagnosed with Dyslexia, I threw myself into learning everything about dyslexia and the many co-existing factors/conditions that go along with this learning difference . I wanted my child to have school accessible to her in the way she learns, never to lose the amazing person she is.

I immediately put supports in place, starting to advocate with teachers and school administrators. In doing this I realized how many other kids needed this same support. I wanted to help more than just my own family. I became involved with the Hawaii International Dyslexia Association and was invited to be the Public Awareness Chair and to serve on the Board. I also serve on the Special Education Advisory Cancel for the Hawaii Department of Education.

Presenter with the Hawaii International Dyslexia Association for the following trainings

  • Dyslexia Fact or Fiction -Presenter at Hawaii Catholic Schools Annual Conference

  • Dyslexia 101

  • Dyslexia Simulation

  • Parent Panel on Advocacy

  • Student Empowerment Group Organizer

  • Self-Care Webinar

  • Back to School: Your Child With Learning Differences

  • Dyslexia 24/7: Panel Discussion Moderator

  • Dyslexia Fact or Fiction

  • Advocating for Your Child with Dyslexia

  • Dyslexia Fact and Fiction-Journey to Succeed

Areas of Neurodiversity Expertise

  • Strong understanding of Dyslexia, ADHD, twice exceptional, Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Effective advocating skills to work with schools and organizations in regard to students with Learning Differences

  • A coach approach to parenting complex children

  • Ability to teach others about the nuisances of Learning Differences

  • Implementation of accommodation and technology to support the neurodiverse learner

  • Practitioner and educator of mindset practices in meditation, yoga, nature, reflection, journaling, Reiki, Tarot, and tapping


  • California State University, San Diego, B.A. in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude

  • Impact Parent, ADHD Coach Approach to Parenting Certificate

  • Certified Coach with the Coach Training Alliance

  • HIDA, Dyslexia 101 Workshop

  • Company Writing Workshop for Dyslexic Students

  • A Means to Greater Literacy Development Workshop

  • Nourishing Hope for Healing Kids, nutrition program for children with Autism and learning differences

  • Math Learning Difficulties Workshop

  • Shetreat Terrain Institute Certificate

  • Shamanic Journey Program

  • Ram Dass Teachings Program

  • HR Fundamentals Certificate, Northern California Human Resource Association

  • Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts, Santa Cruz - Massage Practitioner Certificate

  • The Usui System of Reiki Healing - 2nd degree certification

Licensing & Professional Association:

  • Hawaii International Dyslexia Association, Public Awareness Chair, and Board Member

  • Special Education Advisory Council member for the DOE, stakeholder for private school
    parents with a child with learning differences

  • State of Hawaii Board of Massage, Massage License, MAT-7622

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