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Coaching, Consulting, and Advocacy

How I Can Help

It takes an Ohana or village to support any child. A child with learning differences needs that nurturing and strong community more than anyone.  As a Parent Empowerment Coach, working with families with dyslexia, I support parents who are struggling to help their child with complex needs. As your coach I will guide you to find the  tools to create balance, strength, acceptance, strategies and advocacy for your own life and your child's. Together we can create the right path for your family.

Please take a second to acknowledge yourself for taking a step to seek out support and guidance. Breathe in gratitude for yourself and your family. Coaching may be a new concept to you. As you explore this site allow yourself to have a beginner’s mind, being open to new ways and possibilities. Coaching is extremely powerful. It guides you to trust your own knowing and to discover the tools that will work for you.


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